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The large terrace of Prachtig is situated directly on the banks of the river the Maas and offers a beautiful view on the Willems Bridge, the Erasmus Bridge and the Kop van Zuid area.

The terrace offers space for 250, spread out over a Lounge Terrace, a cocktail terrace and an enclosed dinner terrace.

The Lounge Terrace is furnished with wooden benches with pillows, and is the ideal spot for drinks and lunch all day long. This terrace is especially suited for a corporate cocktail party, Friday afternoon drinks or a romantic candlelight get-together!

The lunch terrace offers traditional outside seating with comfortable chairs, where you can enjoy lunch, drinks or snacks all day long. In the evenings, you can also enjoy a small bite to eat or make a reservation for larger groups.

The dinner terrace is enclosed with wind screens and is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious dinner! Extensive dining with a great bottle of wine always a good idea, whether it’s for business or private. The dinner terrace’s sun screens also offer shade all day long.

One thing is certain: wherever you are seated on the terrace, the panoramic views are unbeatable!